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Pilaf with baked peppers and green onions

Pilaf with baked peppers and green onions

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The baked peppers are taken out of the freezer the night before, in order to thaw naturally. The liquid left by the peppers will also be used for thawing.

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it in a little oil.

Baked peppers are cut into strips, or in the form of small rectangles.

Meanwhile, choose the rice, wash it in some water and put it to boil, in enough water and over medium heat. When the rice is half cooked, strain it, rinse under running cold water, drain and add to the bowl in which the onion has hardened.

Add the chopped peppers, the liquid left by them to thaw and 150-200 ml of warm water.

Prepare the pilaf over low heat, supervised, so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. When the rice is boiled and low (not watery) season with: salt, pepper and thyme, then take the dish off the heat and the pilaf can be served, as such, or as a garnish, with a portion of meat and a salad .


Remove the peppers from the freezer in time so that they thaw naturally.


Keep the liquid left by the peppers when thawed for use in pilaf.


Do not fry the onion hard, so that it does not become bitter, but only harden it a little, so that it softens and remains sweet.


First boil the rice separately and then rinse it and add it to the bowl with the hardened onion.


Do not boil the rice too much, so that the pilaf does not turn into porridge.


A good pilaf should be low (not watery) and the rice grain should remain whole. To do this, it must be carefully monitored in preparation, so that it falls properly and does not stick to the bottom of the vessel.

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