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Last week’s Four Seasons event in New York City featured delicious cocktails, a chance to mingle with some of the city’s most respected food figures, and iPads for guests to play around with their new culinary-focused website, TASTE — but the real sight to see was along the edges of the room. The event, which served as the launch of the website, showcased three of the hotel’s prestigious chefs and the dishes that they created for the website’s concept.

Along with news about the hotels' culinary programs, recipes, and insider chef experiences from Four Seasons all over the world, the website features an entire section devoted to recipes that are designed around one ingredient prepared in three different ways. From crawfish and ahi tuna to coffee beans and butternut squash, the website selects a new seasonal ingredient each month and shares recipes created by various chefs throughout the resort’s culinary community.

The featured ingredient at the event was apples, and each station offered up nibbles like apple sliders with golden fried apple rings, Long Island duck pastrami with a Shinshu apple vinaigrette, and beef tartare with an apple-vanilla vodka shot. Each chef was from a different Four Seasons property and their dishes showed local interpretations of the fruit– — the Long Island duck pastrami was from New York’s John Johnson, the vodka shot from St. Petersburg’s Andrea Accordi, and the sliders from Boston’s Brooke Vosika. Everything served at the event and found on the website will be "things you’ll see at home with a twist," said Vosika, who is most excited about the program because of the many diverse talents it brings together.

For Guy Rigby, vice president of food and beverage for the Americas, the website is not only a chance to share the creations of the resort’s talented culinary community, but also a way to bring people something that they want to eat.

"[It’s] a balance between super creative food and [the kind of food] that people want to eat," he said, adding, "[The concept of the website] allows the chef to be creative but also cater toward what’s popular in the local market."

Along with the other dishes served at the evening’s event, which are also detailed on the website, this recipe for Berkshires tacos with cider-braised pork tenderloin was created by Brooke Vosika and shared with The Daily Meal for you to try at home. The essence of the recipe is exactly the message that Four Seasons wants to send: elegant and refined, yet approachable for home cooks.

Click here to see the Berkshires Taco with Cider-Braised Pork Recipe

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce

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