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A Chef’s Guide to Indian Desserts

A Chef’s Guide to Indian Desserts

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Tamarind of London’s chef describes 4 classic Indian treats

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Gulab jamun are golden-fried fritters in sugar syrup.

A superb meal is never complete without a satisfying, exotic dessert to finish it off. Indian desserts are primarily comprised of sugar, milk, and khoya (a dairy product widely used in Indian cuisine, similar to dense ricotta). From sweet and creamy frozen treats to deep-fried khoya drenched in syrup, below are some Indian desserts that you should definitely know about:

• Kulfi: A popular frozen dessert that is sinfully rich, dense, and creamy. When preparing this dish, pistachio, cardamom, or mango can be used as the main flavoring ingredient.

• Gulab Jamun: This is one of the most classic, popular desserts in India; khoya is fried golden and dipped in saffron-scented sugar syrup.

• Chocolate Samosas: An interesting twist on a classic Indian dish, these samosas are pastry triangles filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and walnuts, served with a trio of sauces and a chilled, sweet malai lassi shot made of rich cream and saffron.

• Tandoori Pineapple: If you are looking for something sweet and lightly grilled, try tandoori-fired pineapple.

Tamarind of London is proud to be one of the few Indian restaurants in the country with its own in-house pastry chef. Having chef Mark Medina on-site and available around the clock allows Tamarind of London’s dessert menu to constantly be reinvented.

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